Civil Tender Bulletin and Alert!

Tender in The Excavation, Upgrading, Rehabilitation Of The Drainage System, Supply And Installation Of Pump System At Faraday And Village Main Train Station

RFQ 10278719 -  Closing date: Mar 13, 2019!
Bid Number:  RFQ 10278719Bid Description:  The excavation, upgrading, rehabilitation of the drainage system, supply and installation of pump system at Faraday and Village Main train stationName of Institution:  PRASAPlace where goods, works or se...READ MORE..
from - Mar 01, 2019

Tender in The Provision Of Boiler Tube Bending For A Period Of 36 Months At Camden Power Station.

MPGXC005502 -  Closing date: Apr 16, 2019!
Bid Number: MPGXC0055502Bid Description: The provision of boiler tube bending for a period of 36 months at Camden Power Station.Name of Institution: Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd.Place where goods, works or services are required: Camden Power Station  Dat...READ MORE..
from - Feb 28, 2019

Tender in Supply And Installation Of Pipelines And Mechanical Equipment At The Klawer Fuel Depot For A Period Of 2 Months

SAZ 5087/2018 -  Closing date: Mar 19, 2019!
Bid Number: SAZ/5087/2018 Bid Description: SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF PIPELINES AND MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT AT THE KLAWER FUEL DEPOT FOR A PERIOD OF 2 MONTHS Name of Institution: Transnet Freight Rail Place where Goods, Works or Services are required: ...READ MORE..
from - Feb 27, 2019

Tender in Port Eng - Repairs Of Beams And Columns At Campanile Entrance

PEH 147B/VB -  Closing date: Mar 19, 2019!
Bid Number: PEH 147B/VBBid Description: Port Eng - Repairs of Beams and Columns at Campanile EntranceName of Institution: Transnet NPAPlace where goods, works or services are required: Port Elizabeth Harbour  Date Published:  27 February 2019Closi...READ MORE..
from - Feb 27, 2019

Tender in Appointment Of Professional Consulting Engineers As Principal Agents For Design Development, Documentation And Procurement, Contract Administration And Inspection, And Close-out Of Civil And Structural Works, Electrical Works And Mechanical Works For 70 M

NRF/iThemba LABS/2018 - 19:19 -  Closing date: Mar 22, 2019!
Bid Number: NRF/iThemba LABS/2018 - 19:19Bid Description: Appointment of Professional Consulting Engineers as Principal Agents for design development, documentation and procurement, contract administration and inspection, and close-out of civil an...READ MORE..
from - Feb 26, 2019