Tender In Works On Traffic Signals Until 30 June 2021

Tender In Works On Traffic Signals Until 30 June 2021



TENDER NUMBER:            B/SM 05/19


CLOSING DATE:                 07 September 2018

CLOSING TIME:                   12h00: Bids will be opened in the Council Chambers / SCM Boardroom

CIDB :                                    The following CIDB class of construction works will be applicable to the Tender, in accordance                      with the sum tendered or value determined in accordance with regulation 25(7A) of the                                           Construction Industry Development Regulations, 2008. Class of Construction Works: 3EP or                              higher (Only applicable to Section 1 of BOQ)



Tender Specifications:                     Nigell Winter (021 808 8223) / Nigell.Winter@stellenbosch.gov.za

SCM Requirements:                         Sascia Davids (021 808 8723) / Scm.Intern3@stellenbosch.gov.za
Office hours for collection:              08h00-15h30


Local production and content is applicable to this bid. Bidders must use the exchange rate published by the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) at 12:00 on Tuesday, 07 August 2018. The guidance document for the calculation of local content is included in the bid document and is also available on the municipality’s website by following the Supply Chain Management link. If raw material or input to be used for a specific item is not available locally, bidders should obtain written authorisation from the dti should there be a need to import such raw material or input. A copy of the authorisation letter must be submitted together with this tender document at the closing date and time of bid


Tenders may only be submitted on the Tender documentation issued by Stellenbosch Municipality and must be valid for 90 days after tender closing.

Late, electronic format, telephonic or faxed Tenders will not be considered and Stellenbosch Municipality does not bind itself to accept the lowest, part of or any Tender


Sealed Tenders, with “B/SM 05/19: WORKS ON TRAFFIC SIGNALS UNTIL 30 JUNE 2021,” clearly endorsed on the envelope, must be deposited in the Tender box at the offices of the Stellenbosch Municipality, Plein Street, Stellenbosch. The Tender box is accessible 24 hours a day and Tenders must be accompanied by the completed Tender documents.  Tenders not accompanied by a complete Tender document, will not be considered.


NOTE: This tender will be evaluated in terms of the Preferential Procurement Regulations, 2017 that was promulgated by the Minister of Finance on 20 January 2017 in Government Gazette No 40553


The preferential points system applied is as follows:

Price                                                                                80

B-BBEE status level of contribution                       20

Total points for Price and B-BBEE                         100


Tenders will be evaluated in accordance with the Supply Chain Management Policy, Preferential Procurement Regulations, 2017, relevant specification, functionality and local content as depicted in the document which was promulgated by the Minister of Finance on 20 January 2017 in Government Gazette No. 40553.


The following conditions to Tender exist (failure to comply may result in your Tender being disqualified):

  1. This Tender is subject to the general conditions of contract (GCC) and special conditions for Tendering;
  2. Relevant terms of reference
  3. Tenderers must be registered on Stellenbosch Municipality’s supplier database if they wish to conduct business with the municipality
  4. A valid original or certified tax clearance certificate must be handed in with Tender at closing time.  However no contract will be awarded to any Tenderer without a valid original tax clearance certificate on the date the Tender is awarded.
  5. Tenders submitted must be in a sealed envelope clearly marked with the Tender number, placed in the tender box before closing time.  Failure will result in the tender being invalid.


Tender documents, in English, are available free of charge on the website: www.stellenbosch.gov.za. Alternatively, hard copies of the document are obtainable from the offices of the Supply Chain Management Unit, Stellenbosch Municipality, 1st Floor, Plein Street, Stellenbosch, upon payment of a non-refundable fee of R780.00 per document.



G Mettler (Ms)


Date Posted: 2018-08-07

Closing Date: Sep 07, 2018

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