Tender In Mobile Clinics Valuation Service

Tender In Mobile Clinics Valuation Service

Mobile Clinics Valuation Service

The HSRC is in the process of appointing a service provider for valuation of the following mobile clinics:

Number Registration Number Year Model Vehicle identification Number Status Kilometre reading Colour
24 FL 59 MZGP 2015 Iveco (Daily) ZCFC50AY90D542024 Good 4222 White
01 FL 59 NH GP 2015 Iveco(Daily) ZCFC50AY80D539423 Good 1121 White
20 FL 60 DZ GP 2015 Iveco(Daily) ZCFC50AY8OD541933 Good 6711 White
10 FL 60 fc GP 2015 Iveco(Daily) ZCFC50AY90D539253 Good 971 White
13 FL 60 FS GP 2015 Iveco(Daily) ZCFC50A60D539422 Good 962 White
19 FL 59 MJ GP 2015 Iveco(Daily) ZCFC50AY60D541932 Good 1271 White
09 FL 59 LTGP 2015 Iveco(Daily) ZCFC50AY00D539254 Good 2856 White

Key Requirements:
• Service Provider must be registered on the CSD (Central Supplier Database).
• SBD forms attached must be completed and sent back with the quote.

Site inspection is compulsory on 30th November 2018 from 10:00am at the following address: 134 Pretorius Street, HSRC Building, Pretoria and
service providers can request for Ms Chunyiswa Mantambo.

Enquiries related to this service may be directed to Mr Frank Ragedi, email: fragedi@hsrc.ac.za tel. 012 302 2330.

Quotations and SBD forms may be sent to Ms Chunyiswa Mantambo, email: cmantambo@hsrc.ac.za tel. 012 302 2151.

Closing date is 3rd December 2018 before 16:30

Date Posted: 2018-11-28

Closing Date: Dec 03, 2018

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