Tender In Ladysmith (alan Blyth) District Hospital: New Fire Detection System

Tender In Ladysmith (alan Blyth) District Hospital: New Fire Detection System

Bid Number: ENG7016-2018
Bid Description: Ladysmith (Alan Blyth) District Hospital
Name of Institution: Department Of Health: Engineering and Technical Support Services
Place where goods, works or services are required: Ladysmith (Alan Blyth) District Hospital

Date Published:  12 September 2018
Closing Date / Time: 22 October 2018 / 11:00 am
Contact Person: Stephan Reichert
Email: Stephan.Reichert@westerncape.gov.za
Telephone number: 021 918 1569
FAX Number: 021 918 1893

Where bid documents can be obtained:
Website: www.doheng.co.za
Physical Address: N/A
Where bids should be delivered: Bids to be submitted in the tender box by closing date and time stipulated
Physical Address: Corner of Mike Pienaar and Frans Conradie Drive, Bellville, Cape Town, 7499. Facility: Premises of Karl Bremer Hospital, Engineering and Technical Support Services, M4 Building,
Engineering Office.

Briefing Session
A compulsory Site Meeting:
Date: 20 September 2018
Time: 08:00 am
Venue: Ladysmith District Hospital, 36 Malcolm Drive, Ladysmith 

Special Conditions:

Bids are invited for the replacement of the existing conventional fire detection system at Ladysmith District Hospital with a new addressable fire detecting system including all peripherals. The contractors shall be responsible for design and installation of the system.

A compulsory site meeting shall be held at 08:00 on 20 September 2018 and contractors shall meet ouside of the main entrance at Ladismith (Alan Blyth) hospital.

Contractors who attended the site meeting on 27 July 2018 need not attend the site meeting again.

The bidding company shall be registered at the CIDB at level 3SF minimum.

Contractors can download the bid document 24h before the meeting from www.doheng.co.za. Unless arranged with the project manager specifically, there will be no extra bid documents available at the site meeting.

Bids shall close on 22 October 2018 at 11:00.

No advanced copies of the specification shall be provided to contractors.

Contractors may contact Stephan Reichert at stephan.reichert@westerncape.gov.za for more information.

Bidders need to be compliant and registered on the WCSD , CSD and CIDB.





Date Posted: 2018-09-12

Closing Date: Oct 22, 2018